Maintenance of the environment is one of the major constituents of IRC’s sustainable development policy. The Company’s management team treats activity in this field as a matter of major importance and essential business priority.

In 2010–2012 an integrated environmental management system was developed and introduced by the IRC Group of companies according to international standard ISO 14001:2004, compliance with which has been extended and reconfirmed in 2013 and 2014. The integrated environmental management system has been extended to all of the Company’s activities including: exploration, mining, processing and industrial and civil construction. The proper functioning of an environmental management system reduces the impact of our operations on the environment, thereby encouraging a healthy and ecological culture for our employees.


IRC has implemented an environmental policy as part of the integrated environmental management system, an obligatory requirement under the ISO 14001:2004 standards as well as the international principles of sustainable development. The environmental obligations of the Group are captured in the policy, which is regularly revisited to be sure that it is current to the Company’s activities.


The environmental monitoring of the natural environment in and around the Company’s operations is carried out by applying integrated data collection, processing and evaluating methods and disseminating the acquired results. Environmental monitoring is undertaken over all of IRC’s operations on a regular basis.

IRC monitors air emissions and solid waste sources, along with process control parameters and fuel and power resources on a regular basis with the data used to better manage operations. All environmental monitoring and industrial control is performed in accordance with Russian legislation and international guidelines. Only accredited laboratories and advanced research organisations with the appropriate licenses are contracted to undertake this work. At Kuranakh, an IRC owned and certified laboratory, monitoring natural water streams including sewage waste control using more than 20 specific indicators. In total more than 52,000 analyses of various environmental components and more than 22,000 wastewater and industrial emissions test have been carried out as part of monitoring programmes since 2004.

For details of IRC’s environmental policies and measures, please refer to our 2014 Annual Report, available at