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1. What is IRC?
2. Where are your operations located?
3. How many people does IRC employ?
4. At what stage of operation/development are the mines?
5. What is the Mining Process for Iron Ore and Ilmenite?
6. What is ilmenite? And where is it most commonly used?
7. What is the annual production target for IRC?
8. How is iron ore transported to customers?
9. How is iron ore priced?
10. How is IRC funded?
11. Can you briefly introduce General Nice?
12. Who are your biggest customers and who do you sell iron ore to?
13. What is IRC's competitive advantage?
14. What is the political risk surrounding Chinese-Russian Relations?
15. Who (are) is your largest investor(s)?

Did you not find the question and answers you were looking for? If so please contact the investor relations team at or +852 2772 0007.